Do ant caps prevent termite attack?

Do ant caps prevent a termite attack? See the answer in the video below: Do ant caps prevent termite attack? Captions: A quick explanation on ant caps on subfloor construction. Here we have a concrete stump with a metal ant cap. Now originally, the metal ant cap were designed to go onto top of a timber stump. Where the termites ... More

Are Termites Lurking About in Your Garage?

Recently I am finding more and more termite activity in garage timbers. Even in steel garages and shed timber cross members. Often these areas are enclosed and stored with goods that can be unchecked for years and as these areas are non-habitable they are prone to moisture. I recommend checking your garage and sheds regularly as you ... More

Do you have termites in your backyard?

Do you have termites in your backyard? In fact, you might not even not know what termites look like and that they can fly. Here is a short video of termites that are ready to leave their nests, and they could be heading towards your home! If you see termites in your garden, book a Timber Pest Inspection today, or give us a call on 0417 ... More

What is a home loan broker and why use one?

Matching you with a great home loan Conducting a property inspection is just one of the many steps on your journey to purchasing property. And getting an inspection is easy—just call us up, and we’ll do the rest! But what about shopping for a home loan? It’s not just a matter of going to your everyday bank and applying for a loan. ... More

Buyer Beware! Is Your Building Inspector Registered?

Buyer Beware! Is your building inspector conducting a Building Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection and NOT registered? In some cases it’s the company that’s registered not the individual so watch out! You may be paying for something you’re not getting – and that’s qualified advice! Today Tonight recently aired a segment on ... More

First Home Owners Grant? First Home Buyer? Our Building Inspections and Timber Pest Inspections can help put your mind at ease.

Are you a first home owner? You don’t have long before the government assisted grant for new home buyers finishes and Victorian House Inspections are here to help! We, at Victorian House Inspections know that buying your first house is a huge investment, made easier by the government first home owner’s grant. However, as the government ... More

Save money on your New Home with our property inspection!

Just recently while conducting a pre purchase inspection in Melbourne we found a number of defects in a brand new home on two occassions.  The home owners of both the properties were naturally not pleased but luckily due to the fact we were able to report on the defects in a comprehensive written building report, they could negotiate a ... More

Is there a potential fire hazard in your roof cavity?

ALERT ! Is there a  potential fire hazard in your roof cavity. VHI Inspector Damien Barr found a downlight which has started to burn the surrounding insulation and has the potentil to burn the house and its contents to the ground. Don't take the risk and have VHI conduct a thorough roof inspection for you today! More

How to save on your gas bill?


Keep Decay Away

Throughout a lot of  my pre purchase inspection in Melbourne lately, I have found a lot of decay in the exterior timber. During an inspection its important the inspector is not just checking the building structure but the outstructures as well. We have had a lot of rainfall and there is quite an amount of water sitting in the earth creating ... More