Matching you with a great home loan

Conducting a property inspection is just one of the many steps on your journey to purchasing property. And getting an inspection is easy—just call us up, and we’ll do the rest!

But what about shopping for a home loan? It’s not just a matter of going to your everyday bank and applying for a loan. These days, there are many lenders in the market, each offering what seems like hundreds of loans and loan features.

However, rather than making your decision easier, this extra choice can make the process of choosing a home loan seem more difficult and daunting.

So how do you discover the right loan for you? That’s where home loan brokers come in.

What do home loan brokers do?

Put simply, home loan brokers do most of the legwork for you. They comb through lenders and their products to find a loan that is an ideal match for you and your financial situation.

What are some of the things a home loan broker will look at?

  • Income
  • Credit history
  • Savings
  • Bank statements
  • Employment

A good home loan broker will look at your application in extra detail to make sure that your positive financial aspects are not hidden and ignored.

How to pick a home loan broker?

A home loan broker can help you pick the right loan. But it’s also matter of picking the right broker!

Here are some things you can do to make sure that you find a professional and quality broker:

  • Do your research. Are they licensed? Are they professional? Do others recommend them?
  • Call them up. Calling them up will give you a good indication of their level of customer service. It will also establish what they can do to help you.
  • Follow them on social media. Still not sure? Then follow them on social media. A good business will be active, answer customer questions and post interesting and useful information.

Who are Rapid Finance?

Rapid Finance are finance specialists with well over a decade of experience. The team at Rapid are experts in helping those who have a bad credit history to get finance—from home loans, car loans and much more.

Here is what makes Rapid Finance different:

  • Improved chance of approval. Dedicated finance specialists at Rapid Finance check individual applications to understand their customer’s true financial situation.
  • Free assessment.Rapid’s initial assessment is free of charge. Fees only have to be paid after the loan terms have been accepted by you.
  • One point of contact. You’ll get your own dedicated expert when you deal with Rapid.
  • Flexible lending criteria. Discover the right mix of loan features and terms – whatever works best for you and your budget.
  • Bad credit specialists.Rapid Finance considers applicants that have a bad credit history, including credit card defaults, discharged bankruptcy and repossessions.
  • Range of options. Rapid can find a great home loan by matching clients with lenders such as GE Money, Macquarie, Bankwest and more.
  • Fast, online process.The application process is quite fast and a preliminary assessment can be done through phone also.

Finding the right experts.

From building inspections to finding finance, working with the right experts can reduce some of the risks of buying property, making your life easier to manage and without unexpected surprises. Call the team at Victorian House Inspections for more information about building inspections.

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