Do ant caps prevent a termite attack? See the answer in the Facebook video below:

A quick explanation on ant caps on subfloor construction. Here we have a concrete stump with a metal ant cap. Now originally, the metal ant cap were designed to go onto top of a timber stump.

Where the termites are going up underneath the ground, through the timber stump and only going as far as the metal ant cap and then coming out and exposing themselves before they going into the bearers joist, flooring, etc.

So, these are an inspection tool. They are not a deterrent. Terminates will still go around the metal ant cap and still go into the timber. So, they will not stop termite activity.

In this situation with a concrete stump, and metal ant cap; it is quite irrelevant as the termites are can’t go up the inside of the concrete stump so they are going to come up the outside of the concrete stump, over the metal ant cap, and into the timber.

Metal ant cap; concrete stump; quite irrelevant. Metal were ant caps originally designed to go on timber stumps.

In the below image, you can see the termite trail going over the metal ant cap

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