Whose fault is it if you buy a home with illegal buildings on it?

Hao Dong recently found out most of the structures on his property were illegal. The house, in a northern working class suburb of Melbourne, was “blessed” according to the advertisement. Key points:

  • Melbourne man purchased a home two years ago and has just learnt most of the buildings on the property are illegal
  • Whittlesea Council say the bungalow, garage and two sheds in the backyard were constructed without a permit
  • The owner now has to demolish the buildings or get permits

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New Section 32 Legislation to Effect Homeowners

As of the 1st of October, legislation for the section 32 changes!

Due to the result of this change it is now the responsibility of the vendors or the real estate agent to supply a due diligence check list.  This checklist will need to be supplied in the section 32 contract of sale.

As you may read on the links provided on due diligence, engaging building and/or pest inspection may assess the property for any potential hazards such as, termites, asbestos or illegal building work. Check out our prices for a building and timber pest inspection here

Check out this link for further information on the latest legislative changes and due diligence checklists