Driveway Cracking? Don’t worry, a Building Inspection can tell you the real story…

Have you encountered any cracking in your driveway? On our Building Inspections we conduct all around Melbourne we find this quite a common occurrence and nothing to be alarmed for homeowners or potential buyers.

Our Building Inspection finds that the cracking is generally caused by the constant use of heavy vehicles, every day driving over the concrete and the construction of concrete being not strong enough to withstand its everyday use, i.e. the thickness can be minimal.

This generally will have no bearing for the structural integrity of the property and only maintenance is recommended to solve the problem. However, we will always recommend you monitor these cracks and if you do find they continue to widen, engage a concreter for further advice or feel free to contact us for a building inspection to determine the issue.

Is your home conducive to Termites? What favourable conditions of termites can you look for?

On our timber pest and termite  inspections in Melbourne we have come across many properties which have areas which termites love.   We recommend that you have a termite and timber pest  inspection conducted every year by a licenced termite inspector but in the meantime as an owner you can ensure your property is unattractive to termites we recommend:

– Remove any wood away from building and in ground contact in soil – they love old stumps, timber offcuts, sleepers and building materials, especially dead wood!

–  Termites love water and moisture so ensure that all those leaky taps, downpipes, water tanks, shower waste, hot water and air conditioning units water flow are redirected away from the building and in working order. If the subfloor is damp then we STRONGLY recommend to ventilate and drain the area.

–   Install Ant Caps on the stumps – While this will not prevent termites it will be an huge asset in locating termites as they cannot penetrate the caps they must climb over which exposes them to us.

If you feel like your property may be suseptible to termite attack then please do not hesitate to contact us or make a booking to arrange a termite inspection in Melbourne. It could save you thousands of dollars for little as $300 including GST.

Termite DamageTermite damage


Broken water pipe

A water pipe is damaged and is saturating the subfloor of a home. If undetected this has the potential to affect foundations
conducive to termites and will cause decay to timbers as well as many other detrimental affects on the property. Call the plumber immediately!

This weeks roundup

Wiring Issues

This week we came across a couple of common issues with wiring – common because these issues occur regularly as most owners will never see them. Faulty wiring is a common cause of household fires and these issues can get progressively worse over time.

These issues were found in 2 houses during Building Inspections in Melbourne’s inner south.

Downlight covers are recommended to prevent fire hazards
Exposed wires in roof should be in a junction box.

Rust (and decay) never sleep

Here are a couple of typical issues we find with older properties. Roof repairs can be costly if left too long and their decay can cause further issues with water damage and when combined with the faulty wiring issues above can be a recipe for disaster!

Decay is fascia
Corrosion in underside of roof. Can lead to water damage and moisture related problems.
Rust in roof sheets