Do you have termites in your backyard?

Do you have termites in your backyard? In fact, you might not even not know what termites look like and that they can fly. Here is a short video of termites that are ready to leave their nests, and they could be heading towards your home! If you see termites in your garden, book a Timber Pest Inspection today, or give us a call on 0417 ... More

Buyer Beware! Is Your Building Inspector Registered?

Buyer Beware! Is your building inspector conducting a Building Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection and NOT registered? In some cases it’s the company that’s registered not the individual so watch out! You may be paying for something you’re not getting – and that’s qualified advice! Today Tonight recently aired a segment on ... More

Is your home conducive to Termites? What favourable conditions of termites can you look for?

On our timber pest and termite  inspections in Melbourne we have come across many properties which have areas which termites love.   We recommend that you have a termite and timber pest  inspection conducted every year by a licenced termite inspector but in the meantime as an owner you can ensure your property is unattractive to termites ... More