Buyer Beware! Is your building inspector conducting a Building Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection and NOT registered? In some cases it’s the company that’s registered not the individual so watch out! You may be paying for something you’re not getting – and that’s qualified advice!

Today Tonight recently aired a segment on Building Inspectors. Check it out here:

Don’t waste your money and risk your investment with inexperienced and unqualified inspectors who conduct Building Inspections or Termite Inspections.  The very important difference is…? We’re registered, we’re qualified, we’re experienced, we’re insured, we’re the best choice!

Did we mention Damien is a qualified Carpenter, Registered Builder, Timber Pest Inspector and with over 25 years experience building houses all over Melbourne?

Visit the Building Commissions website to check the inspector is who they say they are. (some are only qualified for building pergolas so make sure they are an unlimited builder!), ask for their registration number, type it in and see for yourself. As an example, enter in Damiens registration number, which is DB-U 13612.

You can be certain we are who we say we are!

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