Pest Inspections

Victorian House Inspections deliver fast and affordable timber pest inspection services to all our clients. We contact you immediately after an inspection to give you an overview and then email you an Inspection Report within 24 hours, with the option of a hard copy through the post if required.

All of our building and pest inspections are designed to Australian Standard AS4349.3.

Pest Inspections Checklist

Our Pest and Termite Inspection Services cover a wide area including Melbourne and the outer suburbs including Geelong, Sunbury, Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island.

Our Pest Inspection Services Include:

Termites Inspections

A list of all the conducive areas for termites and make the home owner aware of what actions are required to maintain and prevent future termite or borers attracted to the property.

Thermal Imaging Camera

When required, we will use thermal imaging cameras, borer scopes and moisture meters so we can ascertain what’s going on inside the walls.

Damage Assessments

Assessment of any damage caused from borers and termites. Damien can advise on what procedures and costs are required to repair damaged areas drawing on his qualifications and experience as a carpenter and registered builder.

Timber Testing

We test all accessible timber in the dwelling to check for termite damage old or new, active termites and nests.


We look for borers particularly in older homes that can damage floorboards and commonly roof and subfloor structures.

Water Leaks

We look for water leaks and overflows as these areas are most common to termite attacks.

Pest Inspections

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Why You Need A Pest Inspection

Borer Attacks

Powder post borer which only attacks sapwood in hardwood timbers and in most cases is not a concern.


A termite lead which houses termites and is what we look for when inspecting subfloors and roof cavities.

Immediate Treatment

Active termites found which need immediate treatment to prevent the house from being eaten.

What You Receive With A Pest Inspection

Written Pest Inspection Report

A compressive written termite and pest inspection report within 24 hours or less guided by the Australian Standards for Building Inspections AS 4349.3

Immediate Verbal Report

Initially our pest inspector will give you a verbal report immediately after the inspection.

Optional Bounded Copy

Our reports are are emailed directly to you, or you may optionally request a bounded copy.