Cast Study #1

Even New Homes Can Have Defects

We inspected a brand new house recently. This home had no plumbing waste connected in the Ensuite. This was found when inspecting under the subfloor which was at a very shallow part of the house. This may have gone unnoticed for sometime as owner would not have thought to check this. Therefore the waste would have flowed into the natural earth causing all sorts of problems. Subsequently the builder was called and the waste pipes installed and connected. A mistake that could have been disastrous but fortunately picked up by Damien our Inspector. The point being made here is that even a new home can have problems.

Cast Study #2

Flooding Damage Found in 1.9 Million Dollar Home

We identified a Melbourne house bought for 1.9 million. There was extensive flooding damage through a broken pipe and poor drainage. This property is extremely conducive to timber decay and termite and pest activity.

Cast Study #3

Is Your New Home Breeding Termites?

We are finding more and more property owners storing timber cuts and debris under their homes. Along with unseen leaking pipes this area is a haven for termites.

Cast Study #4

Are Coptotermes Living In Your Home?

Frankston/Mt Eliza area has become extremely popular for coptotermes which are a very aggressive termite and can cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time.

Cast Study #5

Is Your New Home Structurally Sound?

Whilst inspecting a roof cavity we found a truss cut out for a vent.This is just one of many examples of what appears to be a well maintained solid property. In this instance the roof is unsafe!

Cast Study #6

Early Detection Will Save You Your Savings

Recently I discovered a termite nest in a bay side weather board property the size of two soccer balls. Due to early detection we were able to control the termites and prevent the inevitable destruction of the dwelling resulting in a small termite treatment cost ($2000) and no structural damage to property.

Cast Study #5

Small Holes Can Lead To Big Problems

After noticing a small hole in an architrave on a recent inspection we were able to discover termite damage which had extended from ground floor bottom plates and studs into first floor studs.
I am convinced that without detecting and treating the termite nest that this property would eventually collapse as it had very little support left. Repair cost estimated at $20,000

Cast Study #8

Stumps and Bearers

It is common to find gaps between bearers and stumps in subfloor which
can usually be packed with non compressionable materials.

Cast Study #5

Exposed Wires

Discovered in a inner Melbourne bayside location, exposed wires which can be a safety hazard are being found more often in subfloor areas and roof cavities and should be concealed.