On our timber pest and termite  inspections in Melbourne we have come across many properties which have areas which termites love.   We recommend that you have a termite and timber pest  inspection conducted every year by a licenced termite inspector but in the meantime as an owner you can ensure your property is unattractive to termites we recommend:

– Remove any wood away from building and in ground contact in soil – they love old stumps, timber offcuts, sleepers and building materials, especially dead wood!

–  Termites love water and moisture so ensure that all those leaky taps, downpipes, water tanks, shower waste, hot water and air conditioning units water flow are redirected away from the building and in working order. If the subfloor is damp then we STRONGLY recommend to ventilate and drain the area.

–   Install Ant Caps on the stumps – While this will not prevent termites it will be an huge asset in locating termites as they cannot penetrate the caps they must climb over which exposes them to us.

If you feel like your property may be suseptible to termite attack then please do not hesitate to contact us or make a booking to arrange a termite inspection in Melbourne. It could save you thousands of dollars for little as $300 including GST.

Termite DamageTermite damage


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