What We Look For

Victorian House Inspections inspect all areas of the property when conducting a House Inspection. Here is a list of issues we commonly come across when inspecting properties around Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island and Geelong.

Inspect Cracks in Walls
The crack on the red wall looks as if it is a major problem but in fact it is a movement tear between plaster sheets caused by re-stumping and is repairable with no structural issue

wall cracks found during a building inspection in melbourne

Wall cracks may be easily repairable

Inspect Cracks in Plaster
Some cracks in plaster joins and walls may only be minor and should be assessed properly by our inspector. Although cracks look devastating they may only be minor repairable cracks caused by settling or poor positioning of plaster sheet joins; typically around windows and doors.

Plaster cracks may be easily repairable

Inspect for Moisture
Notice the discolouration in the skirting board hidden behind a desk. It is caused by moisture in the earth because the floor height is below ground level with no drainage in place to prevent the moisture seeping into the timber wall making it conducive for termites, and rotting of the timber frame.

discolouration of skirting board caused by moisture

Inspect Gutters & Downpipes
Blocked gutters and downpipes can create more expensive damage i.e. rotten fascias, damaged eaves etc. Although blocked gutters are a minor maintenance issue if cleaning is done periodically it will prevent more damage in the long run.

gutters found during house inspection near Melbourne recently width=

Inspect Weatherboards
Decaying weatherboards, if not repaired will eventually cause further damage to house frame.

Decaying weatherboard in Melbourne

Decaying weatherboards can cause further damage

Inspect Hard to See Areas
Inspector will look in those unforeseen places you normally would not reach.

Inspection of a roof in Melbournes inner east

Journeying to the far reaches of a property are all in a days work for our fearless inspectors

Inspect Floor Structure
This floor has been dropping due to some footing movement. A timber joist has been wedged with a timber block making an unstable and illegal subfloor.

A damaged timber joist discovered during a house inspection

A damaged timber joist discovered during a house inspection

Highlight Issues Requiring Repair
Inappropriate downpipe causing the water to sit in pipe and leak onto timber causing it to rot. Overflow also causing quite a loud noise in heavy rains.

Damaged downpipe found during house inspection

Damaged downpipe found during house inspection

Identify Potential Hazards
Under the house. Faulty wiring and dangling wires criss-crossing can lead to dangers such as fire or personal injury. Major expense at a personal cost.

Faulty wiring found under the house

Faulty wiring is dangerous to a house and it’s occupants

Inspect Plumbing Problems
Plumbing vent not connected. This was found in an unnoticeable place by our inspector. Inevitably water damage to weatherboards and mould growth on roof.

Hard to see faults can be cause long-term damage