How to save on your gas bill?

Recently found…..A heating duct which is blowing hot air under the house not into the home and in our current weather is not a good idea. Costly!!! Have Your unit checked every couple of years by a professional who works with ducted heating and air conditioning.

Broken water pipe

A water pipe is damaged and is saturating the subfloor of a home. If undetected this has the potential to affect foundations
conducive to termites and will cause decay to timbers as well as many other detrimental affects on the property. Call the plumber immediately!

Keep Decay Away

Throughout a lot of  my pre purchase inspection in Melbourne lately, I have found a lot of decay in the exterior timber. During an inspection its important the inspector is not just checking the building structure but the outstructures as well. We have had a lot of rainfall and there is quite an amount of water sitting in the earth creating decay in exterior structures such as Pergola, decking’s,sheds etc

Keep an eye on how and where the water is draining! Maybe its time to look at agi drains?  Have you got alot of debris under your decking which can be moved away to help the water drain away?

Decay can become a costly expense, its not just those termites you need to watch out for!

Importance of maintaining Gutters!

This time of year autumn is coming to an end and heavy rains are forecast. Leaves and debris are common concerns in clogging up our gutters and downpipes which will cause rust and costly replacing of gutters. In time clogged downpipes will cause overflow followed by moisture damage to eaves and fascias.The small amount of time  spent on maintaining gutters will save you hundreds in the future.

This weeks roundup

Wiring Issues

This week we came across a couple of common issues with wiring – common because these issues occur regularly as most owners will never see them. Faulty wiring is a common cause of household fires and these issues can get progressively worse over time.

These issues were found in 2 houses during Building Inspections in Melbourne’s inner south.

Downlight covers are recommended to prevent fire hazards
Exposed wires in roof should be in a junction box.

Rust (and decay) never sleep

Here are a couple of typical issues we find with older properties. Roof repairs can be costly if left too long and their decay can cause further issues with water damage and when combined with the faulty wiring issues above can be a recipe for disaster!

Decay is fascia
Corrosion in underside of roof. Can lead to water damage and moisture related problems.
Rust in roof sheets